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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

106) What is the second characteristic?

The second characteristic is that the Soul also controls or rules over the body. When the body is awake, the body is controlled by the will of the soul. The soul thus rules or controls the body. The body acts as per the will of the soul.

107) What is the third one?

The third one is that the body exists only for the fulfilment of the desire of the soul. The soul, through the mind, desires something and then the body acts accordingly. So, the body exists only for the purpose of the soul.

These three govern the relationship between the body and the soul.

108) So, what is the significance of body/soul relationship?

The soul performs the following three functions,over the body:

(1) Supporting (adharatva)

(2) Controlling (niyantrutva)

(3) Mastership (Seshitva).

So, the soul is, in relation to the body, as follows:

(1) Supporter (adhara)

(2) Controller (niyanta)

(3) Master (Seshi).

So, the body is

(1) being supported by the soul; (adheyatva)

(2) being controlled by the soul; (niyamyatva)

(3) existing for the pleasure of the soul (seshatva).

109) Can the above three qualifications be taken to define the body/soul relationship?


110) How do you then conclude that by logic, Brahman or Iswara is the soul of all chetana and achetana?

You take all the three factors, which has have mentioned above and apply the principle to Brahman versus the chetana and achetana:

(1) All these chetana and achetana are supported by Brahman.

(2) Secondly, in their waking state, they are controlled or ruled by Iswara.

(3) Thirdly, all these exist only for His pleasure.

Thus, all the three characteristics or factors which determine the relationship between the soul and the body, are present in the case of Brahman or Iswara versus the entire chetana and achetana. Hence the fundamental doctrine of our philosophy is that Iswara is the soul of all chetanas or Jivatmas. Iswara is also the soul of all achetana i.e.the fundamental Matter and its evolutions. In other words, all the Jivatmas are the body of Iswara. Similarly, Matter and its evolutions also are the body of Iswara. This is the basic doctrine of our religion and philosophy.



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