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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

111) Can you prove the Sarira - Sariri bhava by quoting from the Vedas?

We have a full section called “Antaryami Brahmana” in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad and also similar passages in the Subala Upanishad. These specifically and clearly say that Iswara is the soul and the Jivatma and Matter are His body. The following are some of the passages:- “He is dwelling in the earth, is within the earth.”

“His body is the earth”,

“His body is the water”,

“His body is the fire”

"His body is the air”

“His body is the sun”

“His body is the moon and the stars”

“His body is ether”

“His body is the light”

“His body is speech”

“His body is the eye”

“His body is the ear”

“His body is the mind”

“His body is the skin”

“His body is the soul or Jivatma”

“His body is the intellect”

“His body is matter”

“His body is death”

“He is the internal soul of all beings”

“He is the divine Lord Narayana. He is the soul of all”.

112) So, am I correct in saying that the fundamental basis for our philosophy is the body/soul relationship?

Yes, We have established body/soul relationship between the Paramatma and Jivatma/achetana in two ways:

(1) By logic and argument, we have said that Brahman supports and controls the Jivatma/achetana and it is for His purpose that the; Jivatma/achetana is there. So, the Jivatma/achetana is the body and Brahman is the soul.

(2) Secondly, we have also quoted several passages from the Vedas, which clearly and explicitly state that Brahman is the soul; and the Jivatma, the matter and other evolutions are all His body.



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