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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

87) Can you indicate briefly the works of these great acharyas?

Nathamuni gave us two works - Yoga Rahasya and Nyayatattva. Alavandar gave to this world 8 works. These are: Agama Pramanya, Purusha Nirnaya.

Three Siddhis called Siddhi Trayam, namely, Atma Siddhi, Iswara Siddhi and Samvit siddhi. Then Gitartha Sangraha, Stotra Ratna and chatus Sloki. The next great Acharya Ramanuja gave us nine works or nine gems. These are: Sri Bhashya, Vedanta Dipa, Vedanta Sara, Vedartha Sangraha, Gita Bhashya, the three Gadyas, namely Saranagati Gadya, Sriranga Gadya and Vaikunta Gadya and then Nitya.

The works of Vedanta Desika are more than 100 in number.

They cover different fields like devotional stotras, kavya, drama, works on philosophy, and commentaries on great works.

It is a wonder how a person could write so many works within a life span. It is difficult for us even to read and understand all his works in a life time.

88) What are the most important works of Sri Desika?

Rahasyatrayasara is a book which gives in detail the inner meaning of the three secrets or rahasyas. In the process, it expounds our Vaishnavite philosophy. It also dwells at length on the prapatti or saranagait as the means of attaining salvation.

89) What are some of the other works of Desika?

We have Taparya Chandrika. This is a lucid commentary on the commentary of Bhagavad Gita that was written by Ramanuja. Paduka Sahasra describes the greatness and beauty of the paduka of Sri Ranganatha in 1000 verses. Yadavabhyudaya gives the story of Sri Krishna. The slokas of Yadavabhyudaya are full of something supreme. It is because of the greatness of this work that it has been commented upon by Appayya Dikshitar, the great Advaita scholar.

We have Sankalpa Suryodaya. This is an allegorical drama, again explaining the Visishtadvaita philosophy.

We have the work Sata Dushani. This contains arguments against Advaita philosophy. As the name indicates, perhaps, it was intended to have 100 arguments. However, we now have only 66 arguments left, all against Advaita Philosophy.

We then have the devotional verses or stotras. Some of these are : Hayagriva stotra, Dasavatara stotra, Bhagavad Dhyana Sopana, Gopala Vimsati. Daya Sataka on Sri Venkateswara of Tirupati, Sri Stuti and Garuda Panchasat.

Nyayaparisuddhi, Nyaya Siddhanjana, Adhikarana Saravali and Tattvamuktakalapa are works on our philosophy.



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