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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

Pancha Mugha Anjaneyar

All might be familiar with Sri Anjaneyar who is populalry called with the name "Siriya Thuruvadi" (Periya Thiruvadi is Garudalwar). And Anjaneyar gives his seva in various forms. Among those, Pancha Mugha Anjaneyar is said to have a special power and message to explain to this world. Now, in this article, let us know about the great thing about him.

“Pancha” means Five. So, for Pancha Mugha Anjaneyar means Anjaneyar with Five faces. One of the faces will be of Anjaneyar's. The other four faces are the faces of Sri Narasimhar, Sri Garudalwar, Sri Varahar and Sri Hayagreevar. These five faces have unique characters and shaktis to explain.

The center face is the face of Sri Anjaneyar and it will be faced towards the direction of east. This face is seen directly towards ourselves thereby riding away our sorrows.

The next face is the face of Sri Garudalwar and he is facing towards the direction of west and thereby by protecting us from diseases and giving us prolonged life.

Sri Varahar is facing towards North direction and he is capable of riding our sorrows and blessing us with good life.

Next is the face of Sri Narasimhar who is facing towards south direction. By facing in this direction, he is riding all of our sorrows, disease and protecting us from evil things.

And in the top center of all these faces is the face of Sri Hayagreevar and gives us good Gnana and Bhakti for all of his devotees.

So, by worshipping Sri Pancha Mugha Anjaneyar we are worshipping Sri Narasimhar, Sri Garudalwar, Sri Hayagreevar and Sri Varahar and simultaneoulsy we are blessed with good Gnana, prolonged life and our sorrows are eliminated.



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