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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

The six months of UttarAyaNa are the daytime of gods and the months of DakSiNAyana are their night time. Once, the gods, who had assembled before the Lord Sri Hari on Mount Meru, took leave of Him as their night set in. Just then, the goddess of their night (DakSiNAyana) in the guise of a lady of dark complexion, with an axe in hand fell at the feet of god and said, “Oh merciful one! UpanayanAs, marriages and other auspicious celebrations are banned during my period; I am branded as an inauspicious one and censured by all. I pray that I may be spared or I shall end my life”.  The gods too pleaded on her behalf and Lord Sri Hari was pleased to grant her the following boon:

“The first 4 months of hers; viz., SrAvaNa, BhAdrapada, Asvina and KArtika shall be more auspicious than all the other months. Any good deeds like japa, vow, gift and so on done in these months shall yield an infinitely greater merit than done in other months. Even in these four, each day is more meritorious than the previous and shall reach its climax in KArtika”.

The gods and goddess of DakSiNAyana were all pleased and went to their respective places. From then, the CaturmAsya is hailed supreme and so we must make the best use of this period and be benefited in all ways.

The CaturmAsya commences on the Sukla ekAdasi of ASADha and concludes on the Sukla ekAdasi of KArtika. Lord Sri Vishnu (upendra) is supposed to be sleeping throughout, with His consort Lakshmi on the bed of Sesa in SvetadvIpa, of the ocean of milk. As he goes to bed on the Sukla ekAdasi of ASADha, it is called sayana ekAdasi; As he turns on His side on the Sukla ekAdasi of BhAdrapada, it is called Parivartana ekAdasi and when He wakes up on Sukla ekAdasi of KArtika, it is called UttAna ekAdasi. [A note of caution has to be sounded about His sleep. It is not like our sleep, which is the outcome of tamoguna].

Aditya purAna – Brhama nArada samvAda.

Lord Sri Vishnu has given up cereals in the first month, curds in the second month, milk in the third and dicotyledons in the fourth, since all the sins rest in them in those periods. Hence we should not eat these things given up by Him.

On the Sukla ekAdasi of ASADha, Sudarshana homa must be performed and we should have mudrAdhAraNa. We should take the four-fold vow before God: “Oh Lord of the worlds! When you go to sleep, the world will sleep and awake when you awake. Be pleased with me. During the 4 rainy months and till your waking up, I shall give up cereals in SrAvaNa, curds in BhAdrapada, milk in Asvina, and dicotyledons in KArtika. I take this vow before you and let it be fulfilled without any obstacle by your grace”.



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