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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

We may take up other vows also, such as, giving up jaggery, oil etc., making an honest confession of our sins and in a penitent mood we may take the vows of Gopadma Vrta, lakshapradaksina, LakshanamaskAra and so on. Having observed all the vows, we must dedicate them to God on the Sukla dvAdaSI of KArtika (utthAna dvAdaSI), praying for His pardon the lapses and ensure the perfection of the same.

Violation and non-observance of the above 4 vows is condemned in strong terms as follows: One who eats cereals in the first month strikes an arrow into the heart of Vishnu; taking curds in the second month is taking beef; drinking milk in the third is equivalent to drinking wine; eating dicotyledons is equal to eating worms in the fourth.

However, the sAstras are considerate and have made provisions for the expiation of the sins caused by our non-observance of the vows in the form of vanabhojana in the KArtika month.

SanyAsin and ChAturmasya:

As they have given up all attachments, the sanyAsin should not stay in one place for more than a day. In their daily movements from place to place, they may find no time for the japa, pooja, sAstraic studies, upadesa, meditation and so on. To facilitate these, they are permitted a four month stay in one and the same place. Secondly, the ChAturmasya period is rainy season, which makes touring hazardous, and various worms and insects may be trampled under our feet. This is against the harmlessness creed of the sanyAsin’s in thought, word and deed. They must repair to a selected place and have the preliminary ceremonials of mrttika bath and perform pooja and declare before the gathered elite, ‘we shall live here for the benefit of all the creatures.

Generally, during the rainy season the path is infested with worms and insects. Without any harm to them we shall stay here for 4 months enjoined by the sAstras’. The elite of the place prostrate before him and say in reply, ‘you may do so, Oh sire! I and we are all blessed. We shall gladly be ever at your service and worship you by all means’. The observance of ChAturmasya is a must for every peetAdipathi. Sages have observed it from time immemorial, with all ritual.

The significance of its observance is mainly to acquire mightier spiritual powers, for the benefit of mankind.

Thus ends the greatness of ChAturmasya.

AcAryAh SrimadAcAryAH
Santu me janma janmani.



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