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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

Sri Ramanuja Sampradyam

Related to Sri Vaishana and Sri Ramanuja Sampradyam

Pancha Samskaaram, literally means undergoing five purification processes, which make one person (irrespective of his birthcase, creed, nationality and sex,etc..) as qualified person to serve the lord and it assures mukti, as the acharyan takes the complete responsibility of his sishyan(deciple)'s spiritual progress and assures him of mukti. in mundane, words, it can be understood as follows, just as an employee of a particular company or organization wears an identitiy card, which indicates that he belongs to that organization, whereever he goes, vaishnavas under go panchasamskaaram, and emboss the devine consh and dic on their shoulders and wear urdhva pundram, so as to signify that they belong to sreemannarayana and they are the eternal servants of him. since they under go five samskaaras, they are called iyengarrs( aindu samskaarangal udayavar).

The five purification steps include:-

1) Thapam: embossing the heated symbols of devine sudarshana chakram and panchajanyam, the prime waepons of the lord. the sudarshana chakram removes all over sins and protects us from all evil forces, where as panchajanyam blesses us with all knowledge that is required to attain the lotus feet of lord sreemannarayana.

2) Pundram: wearing the tiruman and sreechurnam on 12 places of the body, invoking the supreme lord and vyuhaparamatmas. tiruman signify the lotus feet of the lord, while sreechurnam stands for mother lakshmi.

3)Dasa namam: here, the person undergoing panchasamskaaram is given the dasa nama, where in the suffix, ramanuja dasa or dasi is added to their names, indicating that they are eternal servants of bagavath ramanujachaya and lord sreehari.

4) Mantram: This is the most important of all the five samskaarams., here the deciple aspiring mukti, will be initiated in to the sacred "rahasya trayam" which include, ashaakshari mantram, dwaya mantram and charama slokam of bagavad geetha, along with their inner spiritual meanings.

in padma puranam it is said that ,

sampradaya-vihina ye, mantras te nisphala matah;, meaning that unless an duntill any sacred mantram is received from an authorised sampradaya acharyan, it will not yiled any spiritual benefit.

hence, by the unlimited mercy of the acharyan and by the poorva janma sukrutham, one will get such a sacred chance of getting initiated in to these rashaya trayam mantra, by doing anushtaanam, of which a person is sure of getting moksham.



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