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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

5) Ijjai or bagavad aradhana karamam: here the deciple is thoguht of the complete procedure of bagavad ardhanam in his home, as per shasram and rules /regulations that have to be followed, while forforming bagavad aradhanam. since ramanuja sampradaym is called as archa marga m, bagavad aradhana (vigrahaaradhana) is very important and it has to be strictly followed as laid down by shastras( pancharatra agama). also the decip;le is enlightened with the glories of the mystic alwar saits and the greatness of their compositions( naalayira divya prabhandams= 4000 devine compositions) on sriman narayana, the supreme personality of godhead.

this step, can not be completed at once, the acharyan apponts a ritvik to teach the newly initiated deciple, the complete details of bagavad aradhanam and sattumurai (chanting of prabandams and glories of guru parampara).

in many cases, we give a diety of lord sriman narayana or nay on eof his incarntions, like vamana, nrusima, rama ,krishna, or the dieties of divyadesams such as rangantha, varadharaja, sreenivasa or devine salagramams, etc.... for the new deciple., pranapratishta for these dieties is done at tha matam itself and then they will be handed over to the devotees.

Hence, panchasamskaaram is like a re-birth to a person undergoing it. the devine ritual of panchasamskaaram not only clears off all the past and present sins accumulated by the deciple but also provide an assured and authorised way to moksham. since the deciple surrenders unconditionally on to the lotus feet of an acharyan, representing the acharyan lineage of bagavad ramanuja. he or she will also get linked to the sampradayam and becomes an entitles sreevaishnava.

as kurehsar or kurathalwan says that " sreevaishva darshana matrena, dravanti daityah:, pranaamanti devathah:", which means that by the mere dharshan of a sreevaishnava, all evil forces flee away and even devathas offer pranamas to them.

when this is the case, thisk of how much punyam, we have all done in our past lives, to be born as sreevaishavas ans follow ramanuja sampradayam, which is an 100% assured way to moksham in this age of kali.

its said that, once, lod of death yamadhrma raja asked lord shiva, that whom all he should not take to hell, and how to adentify the people who go to sreevaikuntam directly after their death on the earth. for which lord shiva replied that "vaishnavas" are not supposed to be tocuched by yama dootaas, as they are already assured of mukti, since, they have undergone panchasamskaaram. for identifying such vaishnavs, lord shiva gives the folowing guidelines. viz.,

a) a vaishnava is one who wears a urdhava pundram or thilakam on forehead.
b) they wear tulasi maala around their neck
c) most importantly they will have the marks of devine shankam and chakram on their left and right shoulders respectively.

many puranams and upanishads, clearly say that yama dootas will not even come near to those people wearing marks of devine shankam and chakram and they will go to sreevaikuntam direclty from earth (vishnu loke mahiyate) though devayana margam.



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