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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

The first tattva is matter. The second is the mahat. The third is ahankara. Then we have the five gross elements starting with ether, etc. Then five subtle elements, starting with sound, etc. Then we have the five senses of knowledge and then the five senses of action. So, the total number of tattvas so far is 3+20=23. The 24th tattva is the mind or manas. So, soul or Jivatma is the 25th tattva.

1)Since the letter M (Ma) is the 25th alphabet among consonants in Sanskrit, it means the Jivatma, who is 25th tattva.
2)Secondly, the letter M is derived from the verb, which means "to know". Jivatma is a knower, who knows things. So also, M denotes the Jivatma.
3)The Letter M is also derived from the verb, which means "measure or limit".

Since the Jivatma is limited in size as atomic, M denotes Jivatma. Thus M denotes the Jivatma

1) If we take the letter U to mean Lakshmi, then the word Om means that the Jivatma is the servant (sesha) of Vishnu and Lakshmi. Here we have to take A (and U) with dative (4th) i.e. as "for A and U". So, M, Jivatma is for A and U; i.e. the servant of A and U, i.e. Vishnu and Lakshmi.
2) Suppose we take the meaning of U as "only". In this case, this will mean that the Jivatma is subservient to Vishnu only; and to no one else. This includes himself viz; he is not subservient to himself also. Of course Lakshmi always goes with Vishnu.

# Namaha has two meanings.

1)If you take it as one word, it means salutation or worshipping.
2)The second meaning is got by splitting Namaha as Na and Maha. Then, this will mean "not mine".

We have to add M (Jivatma) in the context. There are four meanings:

1) I am not mine. I am subservient to the Lord, I belong to the Lord.
2) Everything is not mine. In other words, nothing is mine. Everything belongs to the Lord.
3) Independence is not mine. I am not independent. I am depending on the Lord.
4) Mastership is not mine. I am not the master of anybody, including myself. Narayana is the master of everybody. So, these are the four meanings of "not mine".



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