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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

1)"ra" means to perish. So, ra denotes achetana, which is perishable.
2)"nara" means that which does not perish. Hence, nara means chetana or Jivatma.
3) "Nara" means the group of naras or jivatmas. There is a second interpretation also. Nara means, which does not perish. So, Nara means the Lord also. Nara is also a name in Vishnu Sahasranama. So, Nara means those belonging to Nara, viz., the Lord . So Nara means Lord's qualities; and also Jivatmas and achetanas (which belong to Him).

The word Ayana has three meanings:-
1) a resting place, or support or abode.
2) upaya or means.
3) fruit or objective.

We will take the first meaning of the word, ayana, as the resting place. According to Sanskrit grammar, Narayana (Nara-ayana) means two things:

1) One, who is the resting place of Naras i.e. all chetanas and achetanas.
2) One whose resting place is Naras, i.e. all chetanas and achetanas. If you take the first meaning, this means that all things - chetanas and achetanas - exist or abide in Narayana. If you take the second meaning, this means that Narayana abides or exists in all things. This is possible because He is the soul of all chetanas and achetanas.

Thus, the two meanings show that
1) all chetanas and achetanas rest in Narayana;
2) Narayana rests in all chetanas and achetanas. .

1) The first meaning shows that He is the resting place of all chetanas and achetanas. All these abide in Him. This shows that He contains all chetanas and achetanas. All chetanas and achetanas are contained in Him. So, He is bigger than all these. This quality of the Lord is called as Bahirvyapti.
2) The second meaning shows that He rests in all chetanas and achetanas. This shows the exact opposite of 1) above, i.e. He is smaller than all these. This quality of the Lord is called Antarvyapti.

Antarvyapti means this quality:
The Lord is present, intimately connected with all chetanas and achetanas; in such a way that He is present, wherever they are.



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