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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

Bahirvyapti means this quality: The Lord is present also in places , where the chetanas and achetanas are not present. A combination of these two qualities means:
1) The Lord is present, wherever all other beings are present.
2) The Lord is present, even in places, where other beings are not present.

If you take the meaning of ayana as upaya or means for attaining salvation; then the word Narayana (Nara-ayana) will mean that He, the Lord Vishnu, is the upaya or means of attaining salvation, for all jivatmas

If you take the meaning of ayana as the fruit (ie. one that is to be attained): then the word Narayana (Nara-ayana) will mean that He is the fruit or end, to be attained by all Jivatmas.

Yes. By the various combinations, there are 10 meanings possible, of the Ashtakshara. I give the meanings below:
1) Salutation and pranamas to Narayana.
2) I surrender myself to the Lord. As my existence is only for the pleasure of the Lord, I surrender the protection of myself to the Lord. I surrender the fruit or purushartha to the Lord.
3) I am the servant only to the Lord and Lakshmi. I am not subservient to anybody else. I am not subservient to myself also. I do not have any independence. I am completely dependent on the Lord.
4) I surrender myself to the Lord. Even this surrender is by the grace of Lord. The Lord alone is the protector. There is nobody else who can protect me. I cannot protect myself.
5) I will do service only to the Lord and Lakshmi. I will not do anything for my pleasure. Whatever I do, is for the pleasure of the Lord.
6) I will do service to the Lord and Lakshmi, at all times. I will also do service to Bhagavatas.
7) I do not belong to myself. I do not have anything as mine. Nothing is mine. I belong to the Lord. Everything, that I have, also belongs to the Lord.
8) I am not able to do any upaya (other than prapatti). The Lord is the only upaya. He should bless me with salvation and permit me to do service to the Lord.
9) My protection is the responsibility of the Lord. The Lord will free me from all sins. The Lord will bless me with eternal service to Him.
10) I belong only to the Lord. I do prapatti to Him. I will do eternal service to Him. These are the ten meanings of ashtakshara.



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