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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

The second secret is called Dvaya Mantra.

We will start with the word Sri. Sri has six meanings:
1) She is attained by chetanas.
2) She attains Narayana and pleads on behalf of chetanas.
3) She hears the prayers of chetanas.
4) She makes Narayana hear the prayers of chetanas.
5) She destroys the karmas of the chetanas, which stand in the way of attaining salvation.
6) She makes ripe the qualities of chetanas, so that they desire only moksha and nothing else. So, all these six meanings denote only Lakshmi; and so, Sri means Lakshmi.

Here, two ways of interpretation are possible.
1) One is, addressing Him as, "Sriman Narayana!"; and then saying, "I seek refuge in your feet". This is one interpretation.
2) The second interpretation is taking "Sriman Narayana charanau" as one whole. Then, this will mean "I seek refuge in the feet of Sriman Narayana". Both meanings are equally valid.

Although it says only the feet, what it means is the divine, auspicious form of the Lord.

As you know, the feet are the most important of the Lord's form. We only fall at the feet of the Lord, for obtaining salvation. Hence the feet are mentioned particularly in this context.

The first part means, seeking refuge at the divine feet of Sriman Narayana. So, the first part indicates the upaya or means of attaining salvation

The second part denotes the fruit to be achieved, namely, service to the Lord.

The second part of the Dvaya Mantra reads as follows: "Srimate Narayanaya Namaha". This has two different meanings.
1) The superficial meaning is: "Salutation to Sriman Narayana".
2) The deeper meaning is to be taken as follows: May I be for the service of Sriman Narayana. I am not for myself. Nothing is mine. Everything be- longs to the Lord. I am the servant of the Lord; and I am for service to the Lord. I do not do anything for myself. The Lord only gets things done through me. Whatever I do is for the pleasure of the Lord only. The above are the two meanings of the second part.



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