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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

1) The basic meaning is this: "You have already given up the bhakti yoga, knowing that you are unable to do it. So, do prapatti, to attain salvation." Different meanings have been given by Desika, elaborating this basic meaning, as follows:
2) It is clear that prapatti does not require any other accessories, other than the five, which I have explained earlier. So, give up the idea that the other dharmas, namely, rites or duties, are required to be performed, as accessories to prapatti.
3) It is well realised that in the present day, the bhakti yoga cannot be performed, as laid down in the sastras. So, our efforts should not be wasted in doing something, which is not possible.
4) Knowing full well that bhakti yoga cannot be performed in the present day, we should give up even the desire to attempt to do bhakti yoga.
5) Prapatti is complete by itself and it does not require bhakti yoga. In fact, if a person simultaneously attempts to do bhakti yoga also, this means attempting two things together. So, the potency of prapatti is lost.

The Vedas and sastras cannot prescribe things that should be done; and then ask us to give them up. The sastras prescribe the duties and karma that various classes of people have to do; the various types of yagas a person has to perform, and so on. It is not correct to say that, after prescribing these at length, the Vedas and sastras ask us to give up everything. If the idea is to give up all the karmas and duties, then there was no need to prescribe them in detail earlier.

The Gita says that this is Tamasa tyaga. If a person gives up doing compulsory karmas like sandhyavandana, due to some wrong ideas or false notions, it is Tamasa tyaga. So, these compulsory karmas should not be given up on any account.

No. It is true that these duties are not required for prapatti. They are not accessories to prapatti. But these duties have been prescribed by the Vedas and sastras. So, these will have to be done till the end of life, by everybody, including one, who has done prapatti. What is meant is, that for the particular type of act, namely, prapatti, the other duties like sandhyavandana are not accessories. But they are duties prescribed in the Vedas and sastras. So, they should be done throughout one's life.

1) Not doing something, which is prescribed in the sastras; and
2) doing something, which is prohibited by the sastras; certainly earn the displeasure of the Lord. So, punishments will be given by God. Even if a person, who has done prapatti, fails in this regard, he also gets punished.



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