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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

Both are correct. Certain duties or karmas are prescribed in the sastras. The Lord himself says in the Gita that the Vedas and smritis are His own command. So, anybody who violates His command, by not doing the prescribed duties, will be punished by Him.

It is not a repetition, because, saying again has several significant meanings.
1) Saying "mam" and "ekam" denotes: "I am the means (upaya); and I am also the object of attainment (upeya or purushartha). So the two words "mam" and "ekam", show the fact of 1) His being the means and 2) His being the object of attainment.
2) Another interpretation is that Iswara is the only means (upaya). The Jivatma does bhakti yoga or prapatti; this is not an important means. It is only an insignificant means, as compared to the Lord Himself, who is the main means (upaya). So, this denotes that the Lord Himself is the only means, who is pleased by prapatti and grants salvation..

It is true that bhakti and prapatti are upaya for attaining salvation. But they cannot directly give you salvation. By your doing bhakti or prapatti, you please the Lord. Then He decides to give salvation. The Lord only is the upaya, because He only gives salvation. Bhakti and prapatti are only instruments to please the Lord. So, bhakti and prapatti are called Sadhyopaya (Sadhya Upaya = Upaya which can be done). Iswara is called siddhopaya (Siddha Upaya = Upaya, which is already there).

The meaning is this. Having already given up bhakti yoga, due to inability, you seek refuge in Me alone.

"I will liberate you, from all your sins, which stand in the way of your attaining moksha. So, you do not grieve." This is the consolidated meaning. .

This indicates the following, as being said by Krishna:
1) Because of my independence and Lordship, you, who have done prapatti, need not be afraid that I will not grant you moksha. I will certainly grant you moksha."
2) "You are afraid of the innumerable sins, which you have committed. You need not be afraid, as to whether these sins will stand in the way of your attaining moksha, even after doing prapatti." "You can be sure that having done prapatti; at the end of this life, you will certainly attain moksha."


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