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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

According to the Biographic versions by the accredited Scholars of Kerala, on Sankaracharya. it is asserted categorically that his parents fervently prayed to Lord Shiva at Vadakkunathar temple of Thirussor. who appeared in the mother Aryaamba's dream and stated that He would take birth as her Son. So the child was named as SANKARA.

Special honour to Vadakkunaathar-Shiva at this Temple by other deities as a grand annual celebration named POORAM-FESTIVAL. is mainly on this cause.

The above-said Biographical version is presented in the Malayalam School Text-books too. approved by the Government. Such is the basic belief amongst his disciples in general, all over the world, as far as I know. more can be quoted from SANKARA-VIJAYAM. the authentic Biography of the Great Acharya.

The other version as Shiva appeared in his parents dream and gave them a choice. Whether they would like 100 sons or a bright son who will live for a short time. The couple chose a bright son. I do not think that Shiva said he himself would be born as a son for them. In honour of Lord Shiva who granted them a boon, he was named "Shankara".

Shankara has also composed lot of slokas on Lord Shiva. Shiva will not compose slokas on himself! Also, soundaryalahari is supposed to have been certified by Lord SHiva in Kailash itself. Shiva appeared once before shankara with four dogs representing Vedas and corrected him. Adi shankara got sick and composed "subramanya bhujangam" in praise of Murugan at tiruchendur (or thiruthani). Lord Murugan cured him of it. I do not think Shankara was the Lord himself. but the one who was blessed by the Lord Shiva

Similar to SANKARA-BHAASHYAM and MADHWA-BHAASHYAM... (Analytical Meaning / Discourse). Why Not called RAMANUJA-BHAASHYAM?. Why named SRI-BHAASHYAM?

Vedas say. the Creator-God is the Omnipotent-Power, so called PARAMAATHMA. meaning SUPREME-GOD. irrespective of the Name of Diety. The powers within the Created-Lives like Humans, Animals, Birds etc. which conducts them are named as JEEVAATHMAS or CHITH. Abstract-living-power within the bodies. which are under the Overall control of the Paramaathma. The lifeless creations of Nature like Stone, Tree, Earth and the like Jata-Vasthu are named. ACHITH.

Both in the Vedas, Upanishads, as well as the Brahma-Soothra. there exists three different classifications of Terminologies. found at different locations and contexts. which are grouped under BEDHA-SRUTHI, ABHEDHA-SRUTHI, and GATAKA-SRUTHI.



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