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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

BEDHA-SRUTHI : The Terminologies. which convey and depict that both the Paramaathma and Jeevaathma. are TWO DIFFERENT ENTITIES OR OBJECTS. but One called Paramaathma, the Creator-cum-Ruler, is the Mightiest and Purest. while the Other, the Jeevaathma, the Created-life ruled-over is the least powerful but a sub-servient to the other one... Paramaathma.

ABHEDHA SRUTHI : Such Terminologies. which mean both these Abstract-powers are. one and the same. even though named different. The Sense diametrically opposite and Contrary to those of Bedha-Sruthi Terminologies.

GATAKA-SRUTHI : Such Terminologies which mean that both these powers of the Creator and the Creations. are Inter-dependant. like the Doctor and the Patient, Teacher and the Student, Ruler (King) and the Subject (People). irrespective of their Opposite Characteristics, Purpose and Needs.

SANKARACHARYA coined his own Philosophy. named ADHWAITHA. by selectively choosing ONLY ABHEDHA-SRUTHI Terminologies. which alone well-suited his Theory. But left-off the other Two Terminologies of Bheda-Sruthi and Gataka-Sruthi. UNTOUCHED.

MADHWACHARYA coined his own Philosophy. named DHWAITHA. by selectively choosing ONLY BEDHA-SRUTHI Terminologies. which alone well-suited his Opposite-theory. But left-off the other Two Terminologiesof Abheda-Sruthi and Gataka-Sruthi. UNTOUCHED.

Whereas. RAMANUJACHARYA . DID NOT COIN A NEW SELF-MADE THEORY. but only enlivened the erstwhile existed Vedic-sense in TOTALITY. named VISHTAADHWAITHA. which name alone he coined. to differentiate from the other Theory, named Adhwaitha. already brought to vogue, prior to Ramanuja.

So to say. even though in some respects those Terminologies appear to be SELF-CONTRADICTORY. and the implied senses Non-Congruent. Ramanuja dealt with all the above-mentioned three different classificated Terminologies. Leaving NO PARTS UNTOUCHED. unlike other Acharyas. and described analytically linking one with the others without any INCONSISTENCY. ensuring a Complete- description of TOTALITY. unlike the other two Acharyas.

During those three Acharyas periods. there existed one SARASWATHI- PEETAM. a Temple in Kashmir for Goddess Saraswathi. who used to bestow Dharsana to the true devotees.



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