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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

On completion of his Bhaashyam (Analytical- meaning and description / Discourse), Sankaracharya placed it under the holy feet of that deity, the "Goddess of Knowledge". and prayed for Her approval. Saraswathi-devi appeared before him and granted Dharsana. named his Bhaashyam as. SANKARA-BHAASHYAM.

Madhwacharya during his time subsequently as the last. placed similarly his another Bhaashyam at Her holy feet and sought approval. Saraswathi-devi gave Dharsana to him too. and named his Bhaashyam as. MADHWA-BHAASHYAM.

In between the times of these Two Acharyas. Ramanujacharya too during his time. placed his Bhasshyam at Her feet seeking approval. Saraswathi-devi appeared and granted the name for the Ramaanuja's Bhaashyam as. SRI-BHAASHYAM. Not Ramanuja-Bhaashyam. because it is not his own making or a newly founded theory like the other two. but the Original one. SRI-BHAASHYAM means. the Complete - Description. Total-Sense. The most Divine-Doctrine. Since so named and declared by the Saraswathi-Devi herself. in the presence of Kings and Scholars of that time. Even now it continues to be identified and quoted by one and all concerned. of all the various faiths. as SRI-BHAASHYAM only.

But we must note. that the name coined by Ramanucharya for that Theory of Totality. as VISISHTA-ADHWAITHA (Qualified-Monism). conveys the sense of linking more with that of ADHWAITHA. than the other one.

Ramanuja was a Born-Adhwaithi. the erstwhile follower of Adhwaitha, as the Sankaracharya's disciple. but subsequently converted to the Visishtaadhwaitha School of Doctrine.




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