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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

Sankaracharya and Ramanujacharya.

the Great Emancipators of HUMANITY. Salient-factors of COMPARISON.

(1) Both of them lived, practiced and manifested categorically as VAISHNAVITES. rather Vishnu-devotees. and preached so ONLY.

Ramanuja was the follower of Alwars, whereas Sankara was the follower of neither the Alwars nor Nayanmars. but independant on his own.

In brief, Sankaracharya was. NOT A SAIVA. but a SMARTHA (One who performs Athma-Smarana that " I am God. God Himselves am I").

(2) The age 32 in both their cases was significant. but in different respects. Sankara became the Guru and commenced his Preachings from his age 16, and ended his Earthly-Life at the Age 32. whereas Ramanuja took up Sanyasam (Sainthood) became the Guru and. commenced Preachings plus Social- Reforms from his Age 32.

(3) Sankara created a New Doctrine. ADHWAITHA, whereas Ramanuja did not create any New-Doctrine. but only named the already existing Philosophy on Vedas, as VISISHTA-ADHWAITHA. and CLARIFIED on it. through his propogations.

(4) Both of them prominently differed in the DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSITE directions... only in their respective Philosophies i.e., the Relation between God and His Creations as well as our Ordained Approach to God. and NOTHING ELSE.

Ramanuja vehemently opposed Sankara's Two Doctrines predominantly. One is Maya-vaadham. and the other is Smaartha-Brahma-Vaadham.

Maya-vaadham of Sankaracharya states that the World is Maya (Mirage). Not Real. Only the Supreme God is Real. Whereas Ramanuja strongly opposed it stating that the world and other creations are NOT MAYA. but the Real-existence in their respective forms and Names. as the creations shaped by the creator God. but in contrast to God. such creations have an End and Rebirths. being PERISHABLE or PROBABLE FOR TRANSFORMATION into other shapes. like Water into Ice or Steam. Wood into Ash. Earth into Dust. etc.

Smaartha-Brahma-Vaadham according to Sankaracharya. states AHAM BRAHMAASMI, BRAHMAIVA AHAM-ASMI. which means " I am God. God Himself am I". whereas Ramanuja opposed such a doctrine and stated that " I am NOT GOD. But only His Creation"



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