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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"


Yes .. it was categorically proved so .. Three times... on different occasions as described below.

According to Sasthras, there are Two sorts of Devotional-Service (Kainkarya) to God, named as SESHATHWAM and PAARATHANTHRIYAM

- Direct Service to God is .. “Seshathwam” similar to Lakshmana in Ramayana.
- Carrying out the Commands of God... is Paarathanthriyam .. similar to Bharatha.

Episode: (1 ) God's Voice Declaration.

On one Critical situation. With a good intention to save his Guru. Ramanuja’s Sishya Kooraththu-aazhawaar volunteered to introduce himself as Ramanuja and proceeded to the Chozha King. while the Guru had been away to Kaveri River for bath.

On return when Ramanuja came to know of this pellmell he tried to rush to the King for preventing any harm to his disciple. But the idea was vehemently opposed and appealed against by his other Sishyas. Under such a dilemma. Ramanuja prayed Lord Ranganatha deity in his Pooja- room seeking His Advice and Order. Immediately came the Divine-Reply. in a Roar of Voice of God Ranganatha . by “Asareeri” (Invisible God’s Voice). heard by all others around in the mutt.

“Hae Ramanuja. this Ordeal for you is my making. Yes. I have to forcibly thrust it on you. because you have dragged me to that extremely reluctant stage. Remember, You Aadhisesha. what for I gave you an Awathaara as a Man on Earth? Just for your serving me at Srirangam? You are already serving me at Vaikuntam on Seshathwam. Yet I sent you to Earth. for Paarathanthriyam. to carry out my Orders of Service on Earth. Whereas in spite of my repeaed insistance, you refused to leave Srirangam because You preferred Seshathwam only. Whereas I do not. Because your services are more needed URGENTLY elsewhere.

So proceed to Melnaadu (Present Karnataka) forthwith and furtheron to other places as you will get calls on my making. Several Earthly Kainkaryas (Services) are waiting for you. So Rush up.”

“Yes, Swami Ranganatha. if that be your Ultimate Will, I cannot think against it, but to obey. So I will rush out immediately. as per your orders”

So saying he moved out of Srirangam along with his convoy. (This Episode we will look in detail later.) But the Message here is. the God’s Voice declaration. the first authenticity. that Ramanuja is the Aadhi-Sesha-Awathara.



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