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108 Divya Desam Tour. more...

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Feb 07, 2009:
Taken rebirth as Sri Vaishnava "Ravindra Iyengar Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan". more...


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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"


(1) Seshathwam ( SEVAKAM in Tamil) = Direct Service to God / King / Leader. (“SEVAKAMUM” yaam paadi Varuththamum theerndhu - Thiruppaavai)

(2) Paarathanthriyam (PARHAI in Tamil = Indirect Service by Carrying out the Orders of God / King / Leader (Yitrai-p-“PARHAI” kolhvaan anrhu kaanh Govindha - Thiruppaavai)

Out of all others in Ramayana duly recognised by Rama for their worthy services and so invited to accompany Him to Vaikunta. Only Hanumaan refused to accompany. while all others gladly accepted Rama’s offer, after that Awathaara was completed and so Hanukman was left behind on Earth. Hanuman sought to continue on Earth, because he had already tasted the pleasure of SESHATHWAM (Sevakam). but yet wanted to have the pleasure of PAARATHANTHRIYAM (Parhai) also more. which is preferred by his Lord Rama / Narayana. from any of His devotees. better than the SEVAKAM (Direct service to Himself.).

Similarly the Lord Narayana wanted His best Service-man Adhisesha too be endowed with the pleasure of the other one sort of service (Kainkarya). named Paarathanthriyam also. by which privelege, Adhisesha too can get the Attainment of PARIPOORNA - DHAASATHWAM. similar to Hanuman, who has consequently become God, Deity of worship.

Thus God made His best Servant Adhisesha too. as God Ramanuja. (Thaan-Aana-Thirumeni). in the same Body and Shape retained at Srirangam Temple precincts. being worshipped by his Disciples. at Moolavar Ramanuja Sannidhi. now too. a Mystery and Miracle. that Ramanuja is still alive in the same erstwhile body. even after about 1000 years of his completion of Awathara.

RAMANUJA: ADHISESHA-AWATHARA: Proved during Lifetime - 2

The Jain - King Pittiraya’s daughter, rather the Princess of the then Karnataka region, suddenly became Insane. and continued so without any imrovement for several years, in spite of intensive treatment of all sorts by many Doctors of various Schools of Medical profession available those days. Then the King tried his best by alternative means too. including the Spiritual remedy by Bhuddhist and Jain monks. Doubting the effect of extraneous Evil-force, reputed Manthrikas were engaged. but with no fruitful result. So the King was much worried whether it was incurable for his affectionate daughter, the Teen-ager Princess .. due to be married as the Royal-Heir.

At that stage Ramanuja had reached his Kingdom, leaving off the neighbour Chozha desam.. On the recommendation of his Minister, the Jain King invited Ramanuja to his Palace and appealed for advice. On seing the Princess, Ramanuja asked “ What is wrong with you?”.

“Pat came the reply.. “ Hae Swami Ramanuja the ADHISESHA AWATHARA. I am the Brahma-Rakshasa eagerly waiting for you the Divine-Soul. Originally I am a Gandharva who became a Rakshasa due to a Curse. So to get along the days, I entered this Girls body. waiting for the day of Liberation. I am prepared to leave off. if you can grace me Liberation by just touching my Head with your Foot. because you are AADHISESHA. Consequently I will be radically cleansed of all my sins along with the evil effects of the curse on me. and thus I can go back to the Gandharva my original form.

Ramanuja complied with the appeal. and immediately the Evil-force occupying the Princess body left off. The Young girl got up cheerfully as if she woke up from sleep. The Devils voice declaring Ramanuja as the ADHISESHA-AWATHARA. was clearly audible to one and all around including the King. So not only the King started revering Ramanuja highly but also made his people too. by ordering them to pay the due honour to the Aadhisesha Awathara Ramanuja.



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