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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

Vaishnavites marriage :

Listed are the marriage rituals mentioned by Andal in her Varanam Ayiram, which is also recited during marriages.

Panigrahanam (Hand holding)

mattaLam kottaa varisangam nin ruda
muttudait tama niraitazhnda pandarkizh
maittunan nambi madusUdhan vandennaik
kaittalam parrak kanakkanden tozhI naan

The drums were sounding and the conches were blowing non-stop. Under the canopy decorated with hanging pearl garlands the Lord Madusudhan grabbed my hand tightly. That was my dream, my friend !

Symbolic meaning of the ritual

The groom formally accepts the bride and takes her hand while reciting ritual formulae.

Saptapadi (Seven steps)

vaai nallaar nalla marai odhi mandhirathaal pachilai naanal paduthu paridhiveithu kaaichinamaakaliranran en kai patri theevalam seiya kana kanden thozhi naan

Vedic priest chanting the good vedas and reciting the appropriate mantras, spread the green grass surrounding the agni and placed the wooden sticks on them. I saw Krishna, came majestically like an angry elephant, hold my right hand and slowly we circumbulate the fire. That was my dream, my friend !

The Mantras

Step 1: To give you unlimited food. "Ekamishe Vishnus tvanvetu" -
Step 2. To give you excellent health and energy "dve Urje Vishnus tvanvetu" -
Step 3. To make you perform your vrithas (rituals) as ordained in Vedas, during your life time. "trini vrataya Vishnus tvanvetu"
Step 4. To give you happiness in life. "catvAri mAyO bhavAya vishNus tvANvEtu" -
Step 5. To make your cows and good animals to grow in strength and in numbers. "panca pasUbhyo Vishnus tvanvetu"
Step 6. To make all the seasons be beneficial to you."shad rutobhyo Vishnus tvanvetu "
Step 7. To make the fire sacrifices performed by you in your life to be successful and free from hindrances. "saptas saptabhyo hotrabhyo Vishnus tvanetu" -

The saptapati mantras end with

"sakha saptapadabhava" - Be my friend with these 7 steps
"sakhayou saptapadabhabhuva" - We are both friends now after these 7 steps.

Symbolic meaning of the ritual

The couple take seven steps together symbolic of the journey of life which they are beginning and in which they will be inseparable companions. Each step is sanctified with a blessing.



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