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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

Ashmarohanam (Treading the Mill-stone)

immaikum ezhezhu piravikkum patravaan nammai udayavan naaraayaNan nambi chemmai udaya thirukaiyaal thazh patri ammi midhikka kana kanden thozhi naan

Our Lord Narayana, who is our protector for us in this birth and all the forthcoming births, and who is filled with auspicious attributes, held my right foot with His red-hued glorious hand and placed it on the mill stone. That was my dream, my freind !

Groom recites the mantra- Be strong in your loyalty to me, like this stone "asmeva tvam sthira bhava"

Symbolic meaning

The bride is requested to tread upon a mill stone and exhorted to be firm in her marital duties and to try to resolve all problems in the marriage.

Laja Homam (Offering of Puffed rice)

varisilai vaaL mugathu ennaimaar thaam vandhittu erimugam paarithu ennai munne nirutthi arimugan achuthan kai mel en kai vaithu pori mugam thatta kana kanden thozhi naan

My brothers, with eye brows like the bent bow ignited the fire by adding wood and made me stand. Placing my hands on top of the majestic Lord Hari, they put puff rice that I offered unto the fire. That was my dream, my friend !

Symbolic meaning of the ritual

This is to symbolise the burning of past karmas and wishing for fertility and longevity of the husband. (She is assisted by her brother who is also given a gift by the groom's family)




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