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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

Why Ranganatha chose Manavala Mamuni as His Guru.?

The Acharya Manavala-Mamuni is an incarnation of Ramanuja. so as to further his earlier objectives initiated as Ramanuja. suiting to the changed days. in simple style through Tamil. popularising its greatness and divinity. at par with Sanskrit. since Tamil was much relegated to the back. being condemned as a Tribal Language unworthy to be named as Dialect or qualified to be valued as a Language.

Since Lord wanted to break such a wrong inference caused out of ignorance and domination by majority. He re-created Vedas in Tamil. through 12 Alwars. His divine Ornaments Incarnations.

So to complete the task and purpose of Alwars mission. one competent Acharya was direly needed to pupularise the Great Values and Deep sense accessible to commonman. irrespective of Caste and Community. to benefit as widest extent of the people as possible. such that the Human-emancipation can easily get deep rooted towards posterity too.

So Lord Ranganatha... one day ordered Manavala Mamuni.. by Asareeri voice. expressing His wish to hear Thiruvaaymozhi discourse elaborately daily. for One year. suspending all the Conventional Festivals of the Srirangam Temple.

Manavala mamuni duly honoured the Commands of God Ranganatha... and accordingly conducted the Bhagawad-Vishayam discourse in front of Him at the Temple. which was also overheard by thousands of devotees assembly around daily.

Immediately on the successful finalisation of the discourse. one boy of about 5 years age. ran out from the Ranganatha Sannidhi with folded hands and humbly but loudly recited the above Thaniyan sloka. treating the Ramanuja-incarnated Acharya Manavala Mamuni as the God Ranganatha's Acharya too. for the Student-disciple God Ranganatha.

Noticing such a surprise development of great honour. Manavali Mamuni became dumbfounded and stood up with reciprocal folded hands. shedding tears. worshipped that Boy. who was none else than the God Ranganatha Himself. in the guise of Disciple of Ramanuja incarnated Manavala maamuni. This event was silently witnessed with amaze by the thousands of Diisciple audience assembled around.

Lord Ranganatha was not only much impressed by the high standard of lecture delivery. unusual and novel in presentation. in those days. it was radically APPROVED by Him, as the authentic divine declaration of Vedic sense conveyed through Thamizh-Marhai Thiruvaaymozhi.

And Lord Ranganatha also ordered by Asareeri. that this divine Thanian be recited during SAATRU-MARHAIS. before and after chanting Tamil Vedas. so called Divya-Prabhandham by Alwars in all the Temples. DAILY . as also at Homes during Thiruvaaraadhanas. This fact has been recorded in the Copper-plate documents of Ranganatha temple.

One interesting point.! When Lord Ranganatha uttered this Thanian Sloka at Srirangam Temple. it was simultaneously heard in all the 106 Vaishanava Temples all over India. including Badri Temple. which continues to be under the custody of Sankaracharyas disciples even now.

Accordingly this Divine Sloka Thanian is recited during every Satrumarhai at all the Temples. wherever Ramanuja incarnated Acharya Manavala Mamuni is duly honoured. including Thirumalai and Kanchi Varadaraja Temples.!

Thondaradipodi Alwar in his Tirumalai claims Lord Rangantha as the combined manifestation of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Lord Rama had Viswamitra has His guru and Lord Krishna had Sandipani Muni as His guru. Lord Ranganatha in order not to be left out chose Manavala Mamuni as His guru in Kali yuga. The disciple is Alagiya Manavalan (Lord Ranganatha) and the guru is Alagiya Manavala Mamuni.

This Sri Sailesa dayapatram slokam is considered to be on par with the Tirumantra as both are from Sriman Narayana.



\|/ Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan \|/ Jai Srimannaryana ! \|/

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