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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

The Facets of Godhead ( A Sri Vaisnava Perspective)

In Sri Vaisnava theology , God manifest in 5 forms.

1) Paravasudeva - The Transcendental Form

This form is absolute, unconditioned and unlimited. It is self existent and is not the effect of anything else. This form is impossible for any human being to understand.

This transcendental form is distinguished by 6 attributes, which gives God the title Bhagavan

a) jnana - knowledge
b) sakti - energy
c) aisvarya - sovereignity
d) bala - power
e) virya - creative potency
f) tejas - splendor

2) Vyuhas (Functional Manifestation)

From the totality of the above 6 mentioned qualities 4 emanations (vyuhas) proceed.

Vyuhas - Description and the Stages of Creation

2 a) Sankarsana - with this vyuha the entire future universe comprised of energy and matter (prakrti) is compressed into a tiny point of space without eternal distinction. It is in a state of potentiality and the attributes (guna) concerned with developing this potential is bala (omnipotence)

2 b) Pradyumna - with this vyuha the compressed embryonic mass of the universe burst forth into a duality consisting of spirit and matter. This is separation is caused by aisvarya (absolute independence). Pradyumna causes the projection of the 3 things

i) Group souls (Manava sarga - all the indivual souls (jivas) exist together in a coglomeration known as purusa)

ii) Primordial Matter (Pradhana - the basic molecular susbstance from which the universe is created)

iii) Subtle Time (Kala - the potency to change before it becomes divided into gross time consisting of years, seasons months etc)

2 c) Aniruddha - Through sakti Aniruddha causes the evolution of the gross atoms out of the primordial matter and the development of gross time from subtle time. Thus the evolution of Matter and Spirit under the influenec of Time produces the Mixed Creation ( misra srsti) during which the pre-existent souls become differentiated.



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