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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"


1. What is Sathumurai ?
2. Who started it?
3. Who can read it? (only men?)
4. What time it has to be read. like after which ritual in the sequence of pooja?
5. Please post the stanza if possible or give link?

1. Sathumurai is a set of verses comprising of verses from divya prabhandham and vedas. It involves praising of the Lord and the acharyas. This tradition of reciting sathumurai is prevailent in temples , mutts and homes during the daily tiruvaradhanam (pooja).

2. The origin of reciting sathumurai is not clearly defined. It was exsistant even during Swamy ramanuja's time. Since it involved the recitation of divya prabhandas , it must have been started during the time of azhwars -- the vaishnavite saints. later on , many add ons were created. The followers of Swami desika ( a saint after ramanuja ) of vadakalai recited verses in praise of swamy ramanuja and desika and the followers of manavala mamunigal of thenkalai sect recited in praise of manavala mamunigal. The tirumala temple which follows thenkalai sect , observes sathumurai wherein praises of bhagavan ,ramanuja and manavala mamuni.

3. Anybody who has done samarshanam regardless of caste and creed can recite sathumurai. but for temple utsavas , the sri vaishnavites who present themselves in the proper lakshanam are allowed to participate in the recitation.

4. Sathumurai is usually recited after performing naivedya and harathi. It is after bhojyasanam ( offering bhogam ). it is the last stage of the pooja. after reciting sathumurai , one should do namaskaram to the lord ( prayankasanam ). during sathumurai , as each verse is recited , thulasi leaves are offered to the lord.

verses in sathmurai ( in tirumala temple ) include the flwg

1. 29th pasuram of thiru paavai :- " sitram siru kaale "
2. 30th pasuram of thiru paavai :- " vangak kadal "
3. first two verses of periyazhwar's thiru pallandu " pallandu pallandu pallayirathandu "
4.Ramanuja's verses " sarva desha dashaa......sri ranga shriya manubhatrava manuthinam samvarthayaa "
5. thaniyan of manavala mamuni " namas sri sailanatharyaa and sri sailesa dayapathram "
6. vazhi thirunamam of manavala mamuni " vazhi thiruvaimozhi pillai...........manavala mamuniye innumoru nootrandirum ! "

sathumurai is also held in bhashyakara sannathi ( ramanujar sannathi ) . the same verses are recited and sometimes 30 verses of thirupaavai or upadesha rathina maalai of manavala mamunigal are recited along with sathumurai.

Sathumurai is something that our swamy enjoys a lot!! it is better to learn it and recite!

Lord will be happy if sAthumurai is recited and its also a kind of giving rest to the Lord after nitya ArAdhana and sAthumurai. Its always better to recite sAthumurai on a daily basis as part of our pooja.


\|/ Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan \|/ Jai Srimannaryana ! \|/

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