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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

Q. 71.: when did pallava qeen installed bhoga srinivasa murthy into garbhagruham and what is the weight of the idol and before bhoga srinivasa murthy who was koutuka beram in garbha gruham ?

Ans.: Pallava Rani Samavai Perendevi in the year 614 AD on Sravana nakshatram in jyesta masam.

the lord sreenivasa's idol which is there in tiruchaanoor padmavathi thaayar sannidi is also called as bhoga sreenivasa only, which was installed by bagavad ramanujacharya, when the sannadi for padmavathi thaayar was built, around 1120 AD.

Q.72.: Sri Rangam : Bhoga mantapam :: Tirumala: ?

Ans.: tirumala is pushpa mantapam. perporming pushpakainkaryam to lord in tirumala is held as epitome of all the services offered to lord. sri ananthalwan perfomred this kainkaryam and attaid acharyan tiruvadi.

Q.73: as ordered by bagavad ramanujacharya, nachiyaar tirumozhi( 143 pasurams, composed by sri andal) is sung during which seva in the sanctum of tirumala? and why it is done so?

Ans.: The nachiyaar tirumozhi is recited during abhishekam to the MULAVIRAT on fridays.

i suppose this is done to reduce the 'viraham' that SWAMY faces from HIS consort as the dollors with the insignia of SRI MAHALAKSHMI and SRI PADMAVATHI THAYAR are removed....

Q.74.: In which Mantapam does SRI MALAYAPPA SWAMY VARU and HIS CONSORTS sit when the salakatla brahmotsavam's Dwajarohanam takes place ?

Ans.: tirumalaraya mantapam

Q.75.: Is bhoga srinivasa murthy adjorned with all the abharanas same as moolavirat or not?if yes kindly tell all the abharanas, if no y he is not adjorned with abharanas same as moolavirat?

Ans.: bhoga srinivasa murthy is adjorned with nandaka kadgam in between his lotus feet and sri pada renu on his mukhabimbam

Q.76.: BHOGA SRINIVASA is also called ?

Ans.: sree bhogasreenivasa swamy is also called as " kouthuka Bera" in agamic terms.


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