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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

Tonoorkere Krishna Temple

Diety : Vishnu and Krishna (Two temples)

Time peroid of the temple : Krishna temple is said to be established by Pandavas, the day before the Kurukshetra battle.

Vishnu temple too is very old, but not actual time known

Location : 30kms from Mysore, on Pandavapura road, 8 kms from pandavapura

City : Tonoorkere or keretonoor

Ideal time : Avoid rainy season, temples close on darkfall in the evening by 6 pm. Visit must complete by that time.

Topology : Interrior village side. Single line road to reach the village, roads are not in good condition. Best to go by private vehicle.

Services : Govt. & Private buses has to be changed from pandavapura to a local travel vans. No food facility, no lodging. its a very small village.

Nearest : Mysore or Mandya for lodging, airport is Bengaluru, Food moderate in Pandavapura.

History: Tonoor or Tondanoor is said to be the birth place of Tondaman Chakravarthy, the Brother of Akasaraja, and Uncle to Godess Padmavati.

The lake present their is said to have never dried, and its believed their is a Golden Lakshmi Temple underneath the lake. Its said, Godess padmavati appeared on a lotus in this lake. Its called as Padmasarovara.

Anantalwar was born in this village. Sri. Ramanujacharya converted a Jain king to Vaishnavam and named him as Vishnuvardhana. King Vishnuvardhana did many kainkaryams to the lord present their, and donated a lot to melukote temple.

The story of Krishna temple:

Balarama opposed the war between the brothers. So he had to be tricked out to the war. So lord krishna appeared as a lion in this region threatening the cows. Balarama tried to kill that lion, but it disappeared and he by mistake killed a cow. Ghohatya dosham had come to him. Balarama asked krishna what to do?

Krishna told him to go round the earth once to get away from this dosham. So Balarama left his weapons on the spot and left to go round the earth. It took 18 days for Balarama to go round the earth, by the time he came the battle was over. Their is a mark of balaramas weapons on the stone.

Meanwhile the Pandavas installed a lifesize idol of Krishna and worshiped him before the battle. Its said, they worshiped, and left in the night, and reached Kurukshetra by the morning and started the battle. Approx : 2450 kms.

The life size krishna idols, are of black stone, appear very real, and is always having beautiful decorations. its a very nice temple having excellent carvings.

Vishnu temple too is having wonderful carvings. its said, its older than krishna temple. Their you will find all the alwars idols places worshipping the lord.

Both these temples are opposite to each other.


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