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Tirumala Tirupati

Welcome to Adiyen Sri Ramanuja Dasan !

" Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha !"

First Visit to Tirumala Tirupati (7-12 Apr 09)

07-Apr-09, Tuesday : Started to Tirumala by Train, Narayanadri Express from Secunderabad Station, Hyderabad on 07-Apr-09, Evening.

08-Apr-09, Wednesday : Reached Tirumala on 08-Apr-09 (Wednesday), Early Morning. From Tirupati Railway Station, we went to Srinivasam (TTD's) got ready and performed pooja there and took Archana Anatara Darshanam (AAD) Ticket for 09-Apr-09 (Thursday).

From Srinivasam, we went to Alipiri, the Foot way for Tirumala to reach tirumala (3650 Steps). Deposited our Luggage and Foot ware at the Free Luggage Transport Center, Alipiri . We took Free Darshanam token from counter at Alipiri for Darshanam today i.e., at 3 PM (Wednesday) and headed to Tirumala by walk by bare foot without foot ware.

After making sahstanga paranam which is few steps from the first step we reached Swamy Padala Mantapam. There we have taken the Ticket for Rs. 5/- per person for Swamy Padala (Golden Foot) Seva. The archaka there took the ticket and performed gothra & nama archana gave sri vari padalu, which were kept on the head and we carried the padalu on our head and done pradakshina around the temple 3 times with padalu on head and took padalu back to Archaka, after that we received theertam and satari.

Had Darshan of Lord, Performed Archana and walked out of temple. Immediately after the exit of temple, Prasadam (Daddhojanam / Curd Rice) was distributed to the devotees. Its was very tasty and we had it with great devotion & pleasure.

Again we left to further walk / steps to tirumala. Reached Gali Gopuram after walking some steps, its almost 1/3 rd distance of the total foot way. We took the Foot Way Darshan Ticket, which was introduced by TTD recently for the devotees who take the foot way to reach tirumala to have easy and quick darshan, which need to availed from the newly constructed compartments in the Vaikuntam - I, Q complex in 13, 14 or 15 Compartments. which is also valid for Free Accommodation (Lockers / Rooms as per availability), Free Tonsuring (of Head), Free Annadanam (Meals / Food) at Madhavan (PAC- II / Piligrims Eminities Complex).

Reached Tirumla though foot way by 2:30 PM. Total time we took from Alipiri to reach tirumala was around 4 hrs as we took the steps slowly and spent some time in Padala Mantapam and at Gali Gopuram.

We went to Advance Reservation Counter (ARP / ARC) at Alipiri near Toll Gate for Room allotment at Internet booking counter which was later found shifted and we were redirected to Sri Padmavati Guest House. From ARP Counter - Internet Booking Counter, Sri Padmavati Guest House where we availed the Internet Booking Facility for already confirmed accommodation and our room was allotted in Sri Varahaswamy Guest House - I, which is very near to Sri Vari Temple and attached to one of the four Mada Veedhi's, located behind Vaikhansa Archaka Gruham / Residence.

We got ready and headed towards Vaikuntam - I, Q complex in 14th Compartment for Darshan for free darshan for devotees who came by foot way though walk. Had a great Darshan. Returned back to room and took rest for the day.

09-Apr-09, Thursday : In the early morning around 3:30 AM, we left for Archana Anatara Darshanam (AAD) (through Vaikuntam - I, Q Complex), Had a great Darshan. We had Netra Darshanam being Thursday.

After having Darshan we took Suprabatam Seva ticket from CRO Office for seva on 10-Apr-09 (Friday).

After some time, we left for Rs. 50/- Darshanam (through Vaikuntam - I, Q Complex), We had Netra Darshanam being Thursday. Had a great Darshan. Returned back to room. Had lunch.

In the noon, Attended Annual Vasantotsavam in Sri Vaibhavotsava Mantapam Near Sri Vari Temple. Its was really a great seva, were Lord Sri Rama, Seeta, Laxmana & Anjaneya Swamy on one side and Malayappa Swamy with Bhu Devi & Sri Devi in the middle and Lord Sri Krisha with Goddess on the other side of Mantapam on different peetams and Snapana Thirumanjanam was peformed at the same time to all the three swami's. I had to regret that i could not see all the three thirumanjanam performed to all the three swami's with the two eyes at the same time. I was blessed to see such a seva.

After seva, we left to Darshan after seva from Vaikuntam - I, Q Complex through Seva / Cellar entrance. Poolangi [Seva/Darshanam] was got delayed on that day due to annual vasantotsavam, so missed poolangi seva but had a great darshan of lord. Watched Lords Posession / Utsavam in the four Mada Veedhi's. Later returned back to room and took rest for the day.

10-Apr-09, Friday : In the early morning around 2:00 AM, we left for Suprabatam Seva (through Sevas / Cellar Entry, Vaikuntam - I Q Complex). Had Vishwaroopa Darshanam. After some time of completion of Suprabatam Seva, we left for Nija Pada Darshanam (NPD) through Vaikuntam - I, Q Complex. Had a great Darshan. We had Full Netra Darshanam & Nija Pada Darshanam. After having Darshan, we took Archana Anatara Darshan (AAD) ticket from CRO Office for AAD on 11-Apr-09.

Took part in sarrumurai (Sattumurai) around 9 AM in the morning. HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamy Headed the gosti group. Had a great Darshan and Prasadam.

Later, in the noon, we attended Arjitha Brahmotsavam and Daily Vasantotsavam in Vaibhavotsava Mantapam, near Sree Vari Temple. Returned back to room and took rest for the day.

11-Apr-09, Saturday : In the early morning around 3:30 AM, we left for Archana Anatara Darshanam (AAD) (through Vaikuntam - I, Q Complex), Had a great Darshan.

Took part in sarrumurai (Sattumurai) around 8 AM in the morning. HH Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamy Headed the gosti group. Had a great Darshan. Prasadam (Kadambham) was distributed to Sri Vaishnavas as Prasadam.

Collected Akshintalu, Sri Pada Renu, Gandham, Chandanam & Prasadam (Ksheerannam and pongal) from swamy.

Later Vacated the Room at Varaha Swamy Guest House - 1, Left to Tirumala by Car.

Reached Tirumala by 12 Noon, Took rest in Tirupati for some time and started to Sri Padmavati Temple, Thiruchanoor around 1. Had a great darshan of Sri Padmavati ammavaru. Blessed with Prasadams like Pulihora (Tamarind Rice), Pongal (Jaggery Rice) and Laddu and ammavari Kumkum. Returned back to tirupati around 4.

Took Train to Secunderabad Station on 11-Apr-09 evening by Padmavati Express around 5 PM in the evening from Tirupati Station.

12-Apr-09, Sunday : Reached Secunderabad Station on 12-Apr-09 by Padmavati Express from Tirupati to Secunderabad Station, Hyderabad.

Total Confirmed :- 15 : Free (2), AAD (2), Rs 50 (6), NPD (1), Suprabatam (1), Annual Vasantotsavam (1), Sattumurai (2).

Total Attended :- 9 : Free (1), AAD (2), Rs 50 (1), NPD (1), Suprabatam (1), Annual Vasantotsavam (1), Sattumurai (2).

Other Seva's :- Arjitha Brahmotsavam, Daily Vasantotsavam.

Though many darshan's confirmed, due to time constraints, we could not attend all the confirmed darshan's. But we had a great time and darshan each time and blessed to see lord closer.

I thank Lord, Jeeyar Swamy and Archaka swamy for providing me the wonderful darshan.

Hope to attend many more seva's on my second visit and in my future visits to tirumala. Wish the Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Showers his blessings on all of us.


\|/ Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan \|/ Jai Srimannaryana ! \|/

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